Equal parts science and engineering.

Flexible autonomy requires new ways of thinking. Using breakthroughs in AI and engineering, we developed a better autonomous driver, designed to drive reliably in open industrial environments and navigate dynamically changing conditions.


Smarter autonomous driving

ISEE AI is designed to interact with other people and equipment in unexpected situations—delivering the versatility needed to automate complex operations without disruption.


Integrated engineering

We bring our autonomous vehicles to life in real-world, industrial environments with robust software and hardware engineering capabilities.

AI designed for flexible autonomy.

ISEE AI is designed to navigate an unpredictable world and enable flexible autonomous solutions. We’ve spent years developing the intelligence needed to build a better autonomous driver.


Understanding uncertainty

Commercial environments are highly dynamic and complex, with diverse types of machinery, conditions, and events. Our AI is built at every level to grasp the uncertainty inherent in rich environments and modify its behavior accordingly.


Predicting human behavior

Just like human cognition, ISEE AI uses theory of mind—the ability to reason about what others are thinking and will do next—to understand uncertainty about others’ mental states and interact naturally and safely in any situation.


Calculating risk and efficiency

Autonomous driving is especially challenging in industrial environments. Existing systems often sacrifice performance to ensure safety. ISEE is leading the way with a system that ensures safety without sacrificing efficiency.


Learning from experience

ISEE AI is built to learn from experience and improve its performance over time. Our system quickly processes large amounts of data from its surroundings and adapts without constant monitoring or maintenance.

ISEE is reverse-engineering human intelligence to make self-driving technology that works better and safer than the kinds of things we have today.

Josh Tenenbaum
Professor at MIT, Chief Scientific Advisor at ISEE
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