Bringing 'Common Sense' to Self-Driving Cars

November 5, 2018
isee is paving the way for a new type of self-driving car—one that can use “common sense” to navigate an uncontrolled environment.
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Human Intelligence and the Future of AI

September 12, 2018
Our Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Josh Tenenbaum, discusses the future of AI and recognizes isee for developing AI with common sense for autonomous vehicles.
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2018 NEVY Awards

May 9, 2018
isee receives award for Software Company of the Year!
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MIT Quest for Intelligence

March 1, 2018
MIT iQ is an Institute-wide initiative on human and machine intelligence research, its applications, and its bearing on society. Yibiao Zhao, Co-founder and CEO of isee, was invited to speak on the foundation of the company’s AI technology.
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isee Is Giving Machines A Sense of Imagination

November 7, 2017
isee’s approach to AI will help make autonomous vehicles safer.
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A Driverless Car with Some Common Sense

September 20, 2017
isee has a new approach to AI that will make self-driving cars better at dealing with unexpected situations.
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MIT’s The Engine raises a $200M fund

September 19, 2017
isee is backed by renowned investors including MIT’s The Engine.
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