Yard Solution

Modernizing today’s global supply chain

Yards today aren’t running at their full potential. With our autonomous yard truck solution, it’s easy to streamline operations and get more out of your existing yard.

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  • More efficient & predictable yards

    Complete jobs and move loads more efficiently. Improve responsiveness, service level, and throughput with more consistent yard truck performance.

    Safer autonomous driving

    Ensure smooth vehicle-vehicle and human-vehicle coordination with yard trucks designed to anticipate what's coming around every corner.

    Seamless integration

    We make your job easier. Our autonomous yard trucks provide a flexible path to automation without interrupting your daily operations.

Our technology

The only fully-autonomous solution in the yard

We combine our flexible AI platform with robust engineering capabilities to create a more intelligent autonomous driving system.

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  • Smarter autonomous driving

    ISEE AI is designed to interact with people and equipment in dynamic and unpredictable situations—delivering the versatility needed to automate complex operations without disruption.

  • Integrated engineering

    We bring our autonomous vehicles to life in real-world, industrial environments with robust software and hardware engineering capabilities.

About ISEE

Building autonomous machines that can thrive alongside people

Our solution is based on world-class MIT technology using AI to replicate human behavior.

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