Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future where autonomous machines can thrive alongside humans, seamlessly and safely integrating into any environment.


ISEE is a technology company that provides autonomous driving solutions for commercial environments. We make it easy for businesses to use autonomous vehicles by providing safe, flexible systems that adapt to any environment.

Our Story

In 2017, our founders Yibiao Zhao, Debbie Yu, and Chris Baker set out to achieve the impossible: building the first AI that understands the physics, psychology, and causality of complex situations. The initial test cars were a success— safely driving and interacting with other people and drivers on congested Boston roads.

Founders Yibiao Zhao, Debbie Yu, Chris Baker

In 2018, with a solid technology foundation in hand, we put our autonomous AI to work in the logistics space. We outfitted our first yard truck and semi-truck with the ISEE autonomous driving system, logged over 5,000 hours of driving since then, and delivered our first live customer load.

Now, we're growing the fleet and deploying our technology in yards throughout the United States. With ISEE solutions at the logistics hubs, our customers can automate some of the manual, repetitive tasks that have historically slowed them down.

Customer yard where we're currently growing our fleet

Today, we’re changing the way loads move in and out of yards, tomorrow we’ll change the way goods move throughout the world.

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Until meeting ISEE AI, I was skeptical full self-driving would happen very soon.

Scott Nolan
Partner at Founders Fund
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